Color Reversal Film Stock 16 mm  /  35 & 16 mm E6 Process

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- Prices valid Jan ‘17 -


Starting January 1st, 2017 we will not offer 16mm color reversal processing any more.
Please, send your color reversal material directly to these two companies:

Super 8 Reversal Lab Netherland

Hoge Zand 30A
2512 EM Den Haag

Tel. 0031 (0)70 3639541
post @

Processing of a maximum length of 30 mtrs / 100ft
Color City Image (

55 Avenue Joffre
93800 Épinay-sur-Seine

Tel. 0033 (0)1 49 33 89 00


Color Reversal Material 16 mm

We expect availability of the new
Kodak Ektachrome 100 D in 16mm
at the beginning of 2019


Worldwide - no color reversal material
on acetat base on the market!

We have stopped processing of color-reversal at October 6th, 2016.
Processing shall be done by Super 8 Reversal Lab Netherland (
Delivery shall be appropriately extended.
In case of urgent request, please feel free to contact directly
Super 8 Reversal Lab Netherland.

Please note: We cannot process films longer then 30m /16mm

Prices 16 mm E6 Development

We do not offer this service any more
Prices for VNF Development (Modified E6 Process)
We do not offer this service any more

Important note:
Due to Kodak’s production stop of all VNF materials (7240 / 7239 / 7250 / 7251), we can't offer them anymore, but we continue to develop them.
We now can VNF material only in a modified E6 process, partly resulting in a slight alteration of color. Development only if required.
  • 7240 / 7239 This material yields almost the same results as the original process
  • 7250 / 7251 Developing is achievable only with somewhat restricted color balance and density





Prices in Euro plus 19% VAT (only for private EU-customers) plus shipping costs.
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update Jan. 11th., 2017